Your New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania Arson Investigation Experts

Investigative Resource Center puts a ton of their attention on New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania arson investigation cases. Arson investigation is not easy to deduce and it takes a team of experts to determine the cause as well as any benefits that need to be handed out to the afflicted complainant.

When Investigative Resource Center is called to determine whether there is rightful cause for arson investigation, there are several steps that need to be taken and it is a long and arduous process. During this process, there are many red flags that arson investigators look for before even arriving at the scene. Once arriving at the scene of the arson, these investigators can accurately determine if the case needs to be investigated further.

If the investigator determines that the indicators present suggest the fire did not occur as previously reported, an outside fire professional will be assigned to conduct further investigation and examination of the area.

So what happens on scene to determine whether an act was arson or not? The on-site arson investigation includes cause determination, immediate photograph proof of the scene, as well as standard interviews with any witnesses and fire officials.