Auditing Services

Investigative Resource Center, Inc. (IRC) has specialized in the Third Party Claims (TPA) management for all lines other than Workers Compensation. Our staff is fully trained in each states laws and our on-line claims system allows you to have real-time information on claim activities. IRC's staff has also been handling claim and underwriting audits for major insurers and can assist you as well in all of your auditing needs.

Claims Management

Handling claims over the past 12 years, from the simplest auto damage claim to complex medical malpractice claims, our staff is fully trained to handle all of your claim management needs. Additionally our staff performs unwriting and claims audits as well as onsite safety inspections. Please contact us for additional info!

Loss Prevention

We understand that the best way to reduce your exposure is to prevent accidents.  While may risk management inspections are geared to the workers compensation side of insurers books of business, our team looks at all aspects of your operation to help you prevent all types of loss.

Hire us Today!

Investigative Resource Center has years of experience in the field and offers clients an array of important and useful investigative services. Hire a claims management specialist to look into a variety of corporate information. For more information about our auditing services, please contact us today. The number to call for our office is 732-805-3980. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over the details you want to be investigated.