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At Investigative Resource Center, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only be professional with each client, but to come to a fair and accurate conclusion for each case. We have a wide range of investigative services, including insurance fraud investigation. This area is one the biggest offenses occurring around the world today. To understand how we conduct our investigations of insurance fraud, let us first breakdown exactly what constitutes Insurance Fraud.

What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud is any act committed with the intent to obtain fraudulent benefits and compensation from an insurance provider. Insurance Fraud works both ways however and the claimant can be a healthcare recipient who believes they have not received the benefits they were entitled to. The United States FBI lists the most common insurance scams as:

  • Premium Diversion
  • Fee Churning
  • Asset Diversion
  • Workers Compensation Fraud

Insurance fraud has existed for as long as insurance has been a commercial enterprise. Fraudulent claims cost billions of dollars each year and are a significant portion of all claims received by insurers. All areas of insurance are susceptible for fraud and the crimes themselves range in severity to minor exaggerations to deliberate acts, such as causing an accident. Innocent people are unfortunately affected by fraudulent activity. This happens directly, through accidental or intentional injuries, and indirectly, as the crimes themselves cause insurance premiums to be higher. It is a significant problem in this country that needs to be handled properly by professionals. That is why our insurance fraud investigation services can be a pivotal resource for many in the NY area.

Special Investigators for Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud investigation is typically triggered when an insurance provider or adjuster notices red flags in a particular claim and deems the information being supplied is misrepresented or false. Once that occurs, the insurance company contacts the police, who can handle these sort of matters as well. For your convenience, we have a special investigative unit just for insurance fraud. We know these cases need to be handled delicately and quickly and we will work to properly resolve the issue. We offer our insurance fraud investigation services for clients in need throughout NY.

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