PA Insurance Fraud Investigation

Trusted Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

Investigative Resource Center offers trusted and dependable insurance fraud investigation services for clients throughout the PA area. Insurance fraud is one of the biggest offenses in the world today and we are here to help you manage these types of situations. We thoroughly investigate insurance fraud for companies of all sizes. And we even offer training to help you spot these issues before they arise. So you can be prepared when problems occur.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud, in a nutshell, is any act committed with the intent to obtain fraudulent benefits and compensation from an insurance provider. Insurance Fraud works both ways however and the claimant can be a healthcare recipient who believes they have not received the benefits they were entitled to. The United States FBI lists the most common insurance scams as: Premium Diversion, Fee Churning, Asset Diversion and Workers Compensation Fraud.

Insurance fraud has been around for as long as insurance has been a commercial enterprise. People are always trying to trick the system. Fraudulent claims cost billions of dollars each year in the United States and are a significant portion of all claims received by insurers. There isn't any one aspect that is  more susceptible to fraud. All areas of insurance can come under fire. The crimes themselves range in severity. These can be minor exaggerations to more deliberate acts, such as causing an accident.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Qualifications

We are all faced with the ever-decreasing budget, out-sourcing of our staff and other economic issues that dictate which files, if any, get investigated.  I have years of experience in this field and have the proper qualifications that you can trust. Below are some of my certified qualifications: 

  • Fraud Claims Law Associate (FCLA)
  • Master Insurance Fraud Investigator (MIFI)
  • Associate Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE)
  • Certified Identity Theft Risk Manager Specialist (CITRMS)

Innocent people are unfortunately affected by fraudulent activity every day. This happens directly, through accidental or intentional injuries, and indirectly, as the crimes themselves cause insurance premiums to be higher. It is a significant problem in this country that needs to be handled properly by professionals. That is why our insurance fraud investigation services can be a pivotal resource for many in the PA area.

PA Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

Investigative Resource Center has years of experience in the industry and has been helping company's for years with insurance fraud. Our service area extends to clients across PA and the New York tri-state area. For more information about our insurance fraud investigation services, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our array of investigative services. The number to call is 732-805-3985.