Intellectual Property Fraud Investigation

Intellectual Property Fraud is when fake goods, ideas, services are passed off as originals It can include counterfeit products or piracy on products from industries, including, but not limited to; health, music, film and fashion. Intellectual Property Fraud also iincludes patents, copyrights, customer lists and trademarks. Whether you are in electronics or pharmaceuticals, every industry on the planet can be affected by IP Fraud. Investigative Resource Center, Inc. prides themselves on their expertise in this field and will bring you the justice you deserve. Becoming a victim of IP Fraud can be exponentially lower by following these steps:

Protecting Your Assets:

The very first precaution you should take is by keeping access to anything you believe will become valuable close to you and only those you see as trustworthy. Your company/business/organization should exercise caution when hiring new employees. Any new employee that you deem safe enough to be included in these talks need to be carefully examined. We implore that you do the following:

  • Background and criminal checks
  • Drug tests
  • Credit and reference checks
  • Transcript or license verification, if applicable
  • Execution of nondisclosure, confidentiality and non-compete agreements (if enforceable in your state) for key employees and business partners

Another key to protecting your assets is through a "physical safeguard." It doesn't matter whether products are currently in the developmental stage or already protected by patents, precautionary measures need to be considered and some should be taken. They include:

  • Securing your premises from people leaving with property or from trespassers trying to gain access
  • Installing camera surveillance inside and outside your perimeter
  • Restricting access and the ability to download or transmit data from your computer network
  • Legally protecting your products or services by filing patents, copyrights or trademarks where possible

When it comes to IP Fraud, you MUST be proactive about both protecting and fighting it. It becomes your obligation to pursue those you believe are infringing on your intellectual property. If you believe something of yours was rightfully stolen, you need to fight it with everything you have. These court battles can become lengthy and costly, but IRC will bring justice to the forefront and if your ideas were wrongfully taken, the settlements could be tripled to reward to party who had to deal with the cost of a unnecessary court case.

An intellectual property audit is a great first step to take in fighting back. An audit includes a review of your HR policies, security assets, IP Rights and safeguards that relate to vendors/suppliers and other businesses and partners.

Don't take a chance with your future, call IRC and get the justice you deserve.