Self-Insurance Claims Investigation

Trusted Self-Insurance Claim Investigations

Investigative Resource Center Inc is proud to offer a wide range of investigative services, including our self-insurance claims investigation services. Our professionally trained and licensed investigation team has the experience and knowledge to help you with any self-insurance issues and liabilities. Our commitment to outstanding client support allows us to provide you with the most detailed and effective investigation services.

Our special investigators are fully insured, bonded and licensed. Our units perform all forms of investigative services for insurance companies, legal firms, corporations, and individuals. 

Our Investigation Methods

Self-insurance claims investigation begins with an interpretation of your case. We will listen to your specific concerns and use this information to aid us in our investigative procedures. Our dedicated detectives will collect any information including accident or injury records on your subjects and perform surveillance when necessary to extract further documentation and help strengthen your case. 

After collecting our information, we will review it to eliminate the risk of misinterpretation or false findings. If there is any inconsistency in our collected information, we will review and resolve this issue. We have helped many clients in various cases including life and health insurance fraud, slip, and fall accidents, questionable deaths, and auto liability discrepancies.

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Investigative Resource Center offers clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and all over the country with trusted and reliable investigative services. Our investigation team is prepared to handle all self-insurance claims cases. We will help you solve any claims issues with our keen eyes for detail and efficient services. For more information on all our self-insurance claims investigation and other services, please contact us today by calling 732-805-3980. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have and help you with any issues about this type of claim. With your phone call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over the parameters of your specific case.