Missing Persons Investigations

Missing Persons Investigations are never easy, especially for the family. Investigative Resource Center's team of experts is fully equipped to handle these situations and provide comfort and support to the family members in need. These cases are among the most compelling issues our society faces today. In 1988, it was mandated that courses of instruction be instituted and taught to all law enforcement officers and investigators. Most missing persons cases are time-sensitive and being properly trained is crucial to the success of the case. Our criminal investigators may work with units of a police or sheriff's department and thus become responsible for the following; ensuring the missing person is not the victim of foul play, is it a runaway juvenile case, is it a child abduction case or identifying unknown persons. Furthermore, there are five different types of missing persons investigations; missing adults, high-risk missing persons, runaways, unidentified persons and child abductions. Each case is handled as delicately as the other, but each has a different process.

Missing Adults

Missing Adults - These investigations begin where the person was last seen. This is to rule out any foul play that may have occurred in the spot the person was last known to be. Critical information that is gathered to help locate the missing adult is as follows:

  • A complete physical description of the missing person.
  • Photographs
  • Work or school information.
  • Financial Records.
  • A list of family, friends and associates.
  • Social Networking information and presence.
  • Substance abuse, criminal, mental health history (if applicable).

High-Risk Missing Persons

High-Risk Missing Persons - These investigations are considered as such when the persons involved are likely at risk of injury or death. These types of cases include:

  • Individuals who have been abducted or abduction is highly suspected.
  • An individual(s) who is missing under known dangerous circumstances.
  • These at-risk persons also include:
    • Those who need medical attention, i.e., prescription medication.
    • Those who do not have a pattern of running away.
    • Those who are mentally impaired.
    • Those who have have been threatened or abused.


Runaways - Runaways are not considered missing persons and these detectives then enter their information into a national database, The National Crime Information Computer. The parent(s) or guardian(s) are implored to contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which helps locate runaway and missing children.

Child Abductions

Child Abductions - Certainly the scariest and most difficult investigation for an expert to work with. While these cases are in fact rare, they are given the highest priority among investigators and an Amber Alert is immediately implemented. In these cases, missing persons investigators are reached out to immediately and coordinated efforts with other law enforcement agencies and organizations are created to help locate the missing child or children.

Unidentified Persons

Unidentified Persons - Our investigators are brought in to determine the identity of an unknown body. As it stands, there are roughly 40,000 unidentified human remains in the United States today.

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