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SIU Services For Those In New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

A Special Investigations Unit can be hired by you to perform an array of sensitive SIU services. Investigative Resource Center Inc.’s surveillance and photographic unit are called the Surveying Eye. Acting as a stand-alone unit, our investigators are specially trained in the procedures of performing activity checks and surveillance. They also have a working knowledge of the discovery laws in all states we do business in.

Utilizing the most sophisticated equipment helps our investigators obtain clear, steady pictures that will help resolve your claim. Digital Image Transfer allows us to capture any video and place it into our reports. In addition, we are able to capture this same image into our Relational DataBase system allowing for future identification. We offer clients across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond with investigative services that you can trust!

Superior Surveillance Tactics

Many surveillance tactics fail due to the fact that there was not enough information available when the investigator was dispatched to the surveillance location. Our activity check is designed as a pre-surveillance tool. It allows a trained investigator to determine the habits of the subject and the vehicles they may have access to. All efforts are made to obtain a photograph of the subject so that we can ensure positive identification. When requested, we will also interview neighbors to verify injuries. Our SIU services are reliable and thorough.

Flat Rate Surveillance & Photographic Services

Our flat-rate service includes:

  • a minimum of eight hours on-site
  • all photographic development costs
  • mileage, tolls, parking, and telephonic check-in charges

This flat rate policy allows you to properly reserve your claim file. In addition, many of our clients prefer that we perform all of their surveillance regardless of location. IRC Inc., will maintain the same flat rate charges and bill without mark-up all expenses involving travel and room only (A minimum of three days is required for this service).

Discreet SIU Services

If you need more information about our surveillance services, let one of our SIU trained investigators tell you all about Investigative Resource Center Inc. and how our services can help you. Our services extend to clients in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for more information. The number to call is 732-805-3980. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our range of SIU services.