Scene Canvass Investigations

Many crimes can be solved with intricate scene canvass investigations. If you feel as if the investigators on your case did not do a sufficient job canvassing the area under investigation, Investigative Resource Center has experts that will make sure all of the information is dug up. Our seasoned investigators are well aware of how valuable a strict and thorough scene canvass is to an investigation. Now, the teachings of proper scene canvass techniques are hard to come byand most literature on the matter either don't mention proper techniques or simply tell the investigator to conduct an area canvass. With our experts, that is not the case. They are highly trained and educated in all investigative matters. Unlike many investigators, we do more than use a cross-reference sheet and instead of making phone calls, they utilize in-person interviews to gather as much information as possible.

The main goal of a neighborhood canvass is to locate a viable witness to the crime or incident. Finding this witness though, is incredibly tough and our expert investigators will do everything in their power to find a reliable witness who can provide detailed information regarding the crime. Even if this witness doesn't have an eye-witness account of the incident, sometimes an "ear" witness can have just as big of an effect on the investigation. The third kind of witness is a secondary witness to the crime. This individual has no knowledge of the incident, but knows someone that could be of significant help to our investigators. While most courtrooms discourage rumors and gossip, many investigators, including our own use every piece of information given to them and sometimes this chatter that seems insignificant can actually lead to some valuable information.

No matter the incident or crime, our expert investigators will use all of their techniques to further move alog the investigation and uncover every bit of information that may be hidden. If you feel that your investigation is not being done correctly and they are only going through the motions of an investigation, call Investigative Resource Center, Inc. right away and get the justice you deserve.