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Investigations into Workers' Comp Services in New Jersey

Investigative Resource Center provides people in the New Jersey area with comprehensive and trustworthy investigations into workers' comp services. Getting the best in workers' comp services can go a long way for you and/or your business and save some all-important money. This form of insurance provides wage replacements and medical benefits to employees injured on the job. In turn, the employee cannot sue for negligence. Workers receive the security of compensation and employers lose the risk of being sued for negligence. In the end, both parties win. 

So please, reach out to us today and learn all about our wide range of services. Our workers' comp services are available to clients throughout New Jersey and the surrounding area. The number to call is 732-805-3980.

New Jersey Workers' Comp ServicesHelping To Combat Fraud

Workers' compensation fraud is an issue that everyone - employees and employers alike - should understand. This is a crime that both the employee and employer can commit. Our workers' comp services in New Jersey are here for you when you need them. Apart from employees not getting the proper benefits, fraud is also a crucial aspect when it comes to this service. Here is a list of ways that an employee can commit fraud: Injuries with no witnesses, delays in reporting injuries, delays in seeking medical treatment and/or missed appointments, injury while off of work, financial stress at home, filing multiple claims, and injury concurrent with termination.

Employees most commonly commit fraud by getting injured outside of work, but claiming the injury occurred on the job site. Another simple way to commit fraud is by exaggerating or faking an injury. And on the flip side, failing to disclose an injury is also fraud.

Under-reporting the payroll is one of the most common ways an employer can commit fraud. With this tactic, the employer can lower their premiums to avoid paying more when an injury does occur on the job. Then, the employee could be entitled to less money than they should be owed. Another way to commit fraud is to simply not have it, which is illegal. In this scenario, workers are deceived into thinking they are covered by their employer when in reality they are not. So, if a work injury occurs in this scenario, there won't be any money to pay out. With our New Jersey workers' comp services, we will work with you every step of the way.

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Investigative Resource Center has years of dependable experience providing workers' comp services for people across the New Jersey area. It is your right if you got injured on the job to get compensated for it. If you would like more information regarding this service, please contact us today. The number to call is 732-805-3980. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about workers' compensation. Upon your phone call, you will receive a free consultation to do over some of the details of your specific case. We treat each individual with the care and attention to detail that you deserve. When you call, we will go over the details of your New Jersey workers compensation claim and case as well as fill you in on how our services can help.