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At Investigative Resource Center, our expert staff provides outstanding workers' comp services for clients across New York to help get to the bottom of your pending case. We understand that each case has its own specific details that need to be handled accordingly. With us, you will receive the care and attention that you'd expect. Our New York workers' comp services are second to none and we will work tirelessly in order get you the compensation you so rightly deserve.

Workers' compensation laws are decided within states. They cover aspects such as the circumstances under which workers' compensation is available, the benefits one receives, and the length the benefits are paid out. All of these issues vary from state to state, which is why it is important to hire someone with a clear understanding of the laws in your particular state. A governing board rules on these decisions and are responsible for administering the rights. Our workers' comp services can handle many issues that you may be experiencing. Our workers' comp services are available to clients throughout New York.

Brief Workers' Compensation History

Workers' comp services have a long and storied history in New York, as well as this country. The first statewide law that covered workers' compensation happened in Maryland in 1902. Federally, the first law passed was in 1906. Covering workers with insurance before that time was not regulated and only done so voluntarily, thus the risk of working a dangerous job was much greater. But once these initial laws began passing, more states caught on and gave workers benefits to cover them when injured. Less than 50 years after the first workers' compensation law was passed, every state, including New York, had a workers' compensation program enacted. 

Insurance companies are the sole provider of workers' compensation in most states and do so by providing insurance policies to an assortment of businesses that require them. These policies are dependent on the basis of how dangerous a job is and the rates provided are adjusted for the market. It goes without saying that more dangerous jobs come with higher rates. Companies oftentimes undersell their risk to receive better policies. This is a common type of insurance fraud that occurs all over the country. 

Although workers' compensation programs are as progressive as they have ever been, education and guidance are still necessary. Understanding these laws can go a long way in minimizing fraud for both the employees and employers. It is can be a tricky area to process, which is why getting professional counseling about it from IRC can prove to be a valuable decision. Our workers' comp services proudly extend to represent clients across the state of New York.

Workers' Comp Eligibility

If you got hurt on the job, you may be eligible to receive worker's compensation benefits in the state of New York. This includes medical bill payments and possible lost wages. And it could have been your fault. It doesn't matter. You're covered, or at least should be. There are exceptions where your employer is committing fraud. In general, the vast majority of employers are required to provide worker's compensation, so if they don't then that could be grounds for a lawsuit. And that is where our workers' comp services come into play. We will help you get the benefits that you deserve.

New York Workers' Comp ServicesThere are typically three basic requirements in order to receive these sort of benefits from your employer:

  1. Must be an employee
  2. The employer must carry worker's compensation insurance
  3. The injury must be work-related

There may be some other minor details on a state-by-state basis, but if you hit these three marks, then there is a high chance you will receive some sort of compensation. Where some may find difficulties is with domestic workers, farm workers, or seasonal and part-time workers. And some state laws vary, but it is always the employer's responsibility to provide coverage. That is where we come in. With our workers' comp services we can help you get to the bottom of any eligibility case.

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