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Investigating a car accident is important for various reasons. It is crucial for the insurance companies to understand exactly what happened during the accident. And it is important for the drivers involved, too. Some car accidents can lead to exposure to criminal liability, so knowing how everything went down has consequences. For many car accidents, it can be easy to decipher what happened. In a rear-end collision, it is immediately clear that one car slammed into the back of another one. However, not all car accidents are that straightforward and figuring out what happened can be difficult. And the drivers involved may not always remember exactly what happened during the accident, which adds another layer to the difficulty of it all.

There is also the possibility that someone is lying about how an accident happened in order to prevent themselves from any liability. This is why professional investigation into an accident is vital. There are ways to figure out what happened by working backwards and reconstructing the accident based on the available evidence. When you turn to Investigative Resource Center, you will be getting a professional on hand to investigate the car accident and get to the bottom of what happened. We handle car accident investigations for clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Understanding Car Accident Investigations

When it comes to investigating car accidents, there are generally three main groups of people who examine. These groups are police officers, insurance company agents, and independent accident investigators like Investigative Resource Center. Each of these groups have their own purpose. Police officers investigate car accidents for indications of criminal activity. Insurance company agents or adjusters look for who caused the accident and who is responsible for damages. Lastly, the independent car accident investigators like us will look for negligence to recover compensatory damages.

The involvement of police officers is especially important in accidents when the police suspect that drugs or alcohol play a part in the accident occurring. Police involvement is also essential in situations that involve commercial drivers who may have exceeded their hours-of-service limits.

When it comes to the involvement of insurance adjusters, they are sent by insurance companies with the aim of investigating the car accident and determining how much money is owed to the victim. It is often the job of the insurance adjuster to keep that number as low as possible. Due to this, many people opt to hire their own investigator after an accident and/or get the involvement of an attorney. This way they can fight the claim if they believe the number is too low.

An independent investigator usually only gets involved after being hired by the drivers' insurance companies or by the drivers themselves. Unlike police officers, we are not necessarily looking for evidence of criminal activity. Our job is usually to simply analyze the causes of the accident so that the insurance companies can determine the liability and financial responsibility. As full-time car accident investigators, we will get to the bottom of your accident and provide you with detailed reports.

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