Workers' Compensation Investigations After Construction Accidents

Investigative Resource Center offers professional investigations into workers compensation claims for construction accidents. Every construction site has its dangers, so it is important to stay safe while working. Unfortunately, there are still accidents that happen that lead to significant injuries. And when these injuries happen, you can file for a workers' compensation claim. However, sometimes these claims are disputed, which means you wind up with little to no money from the claim. When that happens, you can turn to IRC to help win that claim.

Our staff will effectively investigate the situation and help you will the claim. We have years of experience as private investigators and our results speak for themselves. So you can trust the results. And trust that you will get your claim money. For more information about our investigative services, please reach out to us today.

Get an Investigator

You can also give our investigative office a call. The number for our office is 732-805-3985. When you call, we can go over your case and your pending claim and come up with a plan for investigation. Learn more about our workers compensation services in general and how they may apply to you.

Construction Accident Causes

As investigators into workers' compensation claims for construction accidents, we are familiar with all of the many different causes that may lead to an injury. By doing so, we are helping the overall cause to potentially win a case. Filling our staff with the proper knowledge.

When it comes down to it, these accidents typically happen due to a lack of proper care or attention by either the worker or the supervisor. However, there can be other issues leading to these circumstances. Here are some common causes for construction accidents and their subsequent workers' compensation claims.

Lack of Warning Signs

Construction sites require warning signs, which alert both the workers and any passers-by of the danger. So if there is no warning sign or a lack of them in a bigger area, then that is grounds for a winning investigation.

Loose Tools

Falling tools and debris are a big reason for construction accidents. If any tools or equipment are not properly secured and fall from a high place, it will cause a significant injury if that piece of equipment or tool strikes someone. Not having this safety measure in place is grounds for a lawsuit.

Improper Barricades

All barricades around a construction site need to be in their proper location. Otherwise they may not do the job correctly. Without these proper barricades in place, people may be able to work onto a construction site without knowing it. Or, the barrier may not be far enough away from the site. Either way, if these barricades are deemed improper upon investigation, then that may lead to a winning workers' compensation claim for a construction accident.

Equipment Not Inspected

When construction equipment is not properly maintained or inspected, then it can malfunction and/or fail. Which may cause serious injury. When we investigate, we will look into the equipment if necessary.