Corporate Fraud Investigators

If you need a corporate fraud investigator, then turn to the pros at Investigative Resource Center. We have years of experience handling all sorts of corporate investigations and will get to the bottom of the issue at hand. Learn more about why you made need our services and what types of corporate investigations are possible.

Do I Need a Corporate Investigation?

Why do businesses and corporations need investigations? Well, they may turn to an investigation to prove suspected unlawful activity. However, they can also investigate to protect from potential harm, too. A corporate fraud investigator from Investigative Resource Center is an unbiased source that will provide you with reliable information. So if you believe something is wrong, then you can trust the results from our investigative team.

In many instances, large corporations have investigators on retainer. Or they will have internal investigators. Which means these larger entities are constantly aware of every facet of their company and any wrongdoing. But what about smaller companies that may not have the same resources? Well, that is when our services become most handy.

So, if you are experiencing potential dishonesty, financial inconsistency, or are weary of a company you are in business with, then our team can help! We can investigate and present evidence that is legally and professional obtained, which means it will be honored in the instance it goes to court. And we can also act as a preventative against any future problems.

Types of Corporate Fraud Investigations

There are some different types of investigations we can handle. It all depends on what type of issue you want us to look into. Here are some of the more common investigation aspects.

Undercover Investigation: During this investigation, an investigator blends into employee misconduct like theft, substance abuse, or harassment. Our investigators often use covert surveillance tactics as a part of their inspection. We want to make sure we aptly handle these issues.

Research Investigation: When you get in business with a company, you may want to find out more about them. Our corporate fraud investigators can do research for acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity, and investments. And we can perform in-depth background checks for potential new employees. We are skilled in the art of research.

Financial Investigation: Many investigations involve money and finances. Our corporate fraud investigators can conduct a financial investigation, which can discover embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, and other white-collar crime.

Electronic Investigation: An electronic investigation, or an e-discovery, gathers electronically stored information as the main evidence. We may also look into and restore lost data.

Corruption Investigation: And lastly we come to corruption. When we look into this aspect, we uncover problems like bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage.

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For more information about our investigative services into the corporate setting, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our services. When you reach out, we can also discuss what sort of investigation you need and how our team can help. For the best corporate fraud investigators in the great New York area, turn to Investigative Resource Center. We have years of experience in this field and love helping when we can.