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Investigative Resource Center, Inc has been involved with embezzlement Investigations since its inception. Employee Embezzlement has become a serious problem globally and more than $400 billion is stolen annually by employees throughout the United States alone. Serving clients from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we have accumulated a lifetime of knowledge regarding embezzlement and how to go about investigating these claims. Embezzlement can occur at any type of business, no matter the size of said business. Most embezzlement cases involve an individual who has been with the company for many years that has stolen a considerable amount of money from their employer. Or steal the company itself if the culprit happens to also be the owner. We advise all of our clients to never pursue the person suspected of stealing themselves, but instead enlist the help of one of our experts. The evidence must be obtained properly and legally. Certain actions that you may take against the suspected employee can result in legal trouble for yourself. So that would not be ideal. Let the professionals at Investigative Resource Center handle these embezzlement investigations.

The Process:

One of our experts at IRC, Inc. will work directly with you on the case and gather as much evidence and information as possible to solve the case. Our experts can properly acquire all digital evidence that may exist on a variety of devices the suspect may have used to store information. Our experts have the ability to obtain said information that is electronically stored and this becomes a critical step in the investigation. After this, our experts will remove the suspect's access from all company accounts as well as putting a ban on them from entering the building. Our experts are also able to perform an exit interview with the employee suspected of embezzlement. At times during these interviews, the employee will confess to substantial information regarding the investigation and may also give the investigator the names of other individuals they worked with.

Recovering the losses is dependent on whether the company was insured, the amount of the deductible if insured and whether the employee wishes to file a civil action to recover the losses. The recovery process may not justify the cost of litigation services, which is costly in embezzlement cases. Taking action in a criminal suit instead of civil action could be less costly and allow you to recover more of your assets that were stolen.

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