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Holiday Scams

Posted On: November 27, 2018

We are all looking forward to celebrating the holidays, but unfortunately there are people out there trying to steal your joy. 


From websites offering products for almost free to scammers making direct contact, you must be on guard. The most vulnerable, our seniors, is the preferred target of scammers while tech savvy adults are the targets of on-line schemes. 


Take the time to discuss these scams with family, friends and colleagues. It may be the best gift you give to someone this holiday season. 


Here are the most recent scams:


On-line discount site. Unbelievable prices for the most wanted and difficult to get products. Enter all your info, credit card number and you are good to go. So is your identity and credit limit. Both sold to out of country thieves and you never get what is ordered. 


Out of country medical emergency. You receive an email from a friend/family member (obtained from hacked sites) asking you send money. They are in need of emergency medical treatment and their insurance won’t covered. Please send money now. It’s a matter of life or death. 


Holiday fire donation. The email list of your local church/synagogue is hacked and you receive a request to contribute to a local family whose house burnt down just before the holidays loosing everything. Believe it or not these scammers use real local fires to make you believe in their cause


Emergency repairs. Scammers target seniors saying they were in the area working on another home damaged from a recent storm and saw the same problem on the seniors roof. They tell the senior if not fixed immediately, they will have to deal with damages from a leak and won’t be covered from insurance. They tell the senior That since they are in the area they will do the repairs for a discount. A 50% up front payment is needed for supplies. Unfortunately once they get the money they are Gone With The Wind.