Insurance Fraud Investigators

Do You Need Someone to Investigate Insurance Fraud?

The team at Investigative Resource Center can be there for you as professional insurance fraud investigators! We have years of experience working with clients across the United States. Centered in New Jersey, we help clients in the greater NYC are with their insurance problems. Our investigative team can ably handle any insurance fraud case and come to a professional conclusion. For more information about how to avoid insurance fraud in the first place, get in touch with our office.

Hire an Investigator

When you reach out, we will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding insurance fraud. Our investigative team handles many different types of cases. From arson, to divorce, to workers' compensation, turn to the investigative team that you can trust!

Insurance Fraud Takes Different Forms

There are different forms of insurance fraud you should take note of. Here is a quick rundown of a few different examples of insurance fraud. By knowing what to look for, you can better spot an issue.

  • Collecting workers compensation while still working and being employed.
  • False claim of a home robbery.
  • A doctor bills an insurer for services not provided.
  • A driver and a body shop work together to inflate the auto damage claim and share in the profit.
  • exaggerate the consequences of being in a car accident. Whether it is the injuries sustained or damage to the vehicle.

Common Insurance Scams

Let's take a closer look at some of the common insurance scams. You can learn from these examples and avoid having them happen to you!

Inaccurate & Inflated Claims 

Perhaps the most common type of insurance scam is an inflated or inaccurate claim. Mainly with car accidents. There are so many moving parts and factors in play that can mess with this problem. From the other person in the accident, to the body shop, to the insurance company themselves. So be sure to know the full extent of your damage and take the time to decide what is right for you. Do not let any outside pressure get to you.

Staging an Accident

You may not believe it, but people stage accidents. Yes, I know. How dare they! A common staging of a car accident is when a car full of people slams on their breaks and suddenly stops in front of you and it looks like a rear-end collision.


A runner is someone who solicits the injured person and attempts to direct them to a particular medical facility. So, if you are in an accident, be on the lookout for these "runners" who may be trying to involve you in their scheme. On top of the runners, once you are in the emergency room, be suspicious of someone claiming to be employed at the hospital who recommends a particular medical facility for the follow-up treatment. And simply in general, be cautious of anyone directing you to someone in regard to the accident. This includes a lawyer recommending a specific law firm to help. These are all your decisions. Not anyone else's.