Insurance Fraud Training

Professional Training To Look Out For Insurance Fraud

At Investigative Resource Center, we offer insurance fraud training for clients throughout NY, NJ, PA and across the United States. Finding training that you can trust is hard to come by, but we assure you that when you turn to IRC you will learn valuable information about insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is common in many industries, so it is best to be knowledgeable on the matter. No matter what line of business you happen to be in.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about our training programs. The number for our office is 732-805-3980. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over the benefits of our training programs.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is ultimately any act that is committed with the intent to obtain fraudulent benefits and compensation from an insurance provider. However, it is worth noting that insurance fraud works both ways. The claimant can be a healthcare recipient who believes they have not received the benefits they were entitled to. Or it can be an employer who feels someone might have lied about a work injury. The FBI lists the most common insurance scams in the United States as:

  • Premium Diversion
  • Fee Churning
  • Asset Diversion
  • Workers Compensation Fraud

Insurance fraud has existed for as long as insurance has been a commercial enterprise. Each year, fraudulent claims cost billions of dollars. And they are a significant portion of all claims received by insurers. Insurance fraud is possible for all areas of insurance. The crimes themselves range in severity to minor exaggerations to deliberate acts, such as causing an accident.

Unfortunately, innocent people are often the most affected insurance fraud. This happens both directly and indirectly. It happens directly through accidental or intentional injuries. Or it can be indirectly, like when the crimes themselves cause insurance premiums to be higher. It is a significant problem in the United States of America. That is why our insurance fraud training services is important for many throughout NY, NJ, PA and beyond! Get the best training possible when you turn to IRC. 

Check out New York State's website to learn more about fraud and how it impacts many in the state.

Fraud vs Consumer Complaints

As part of our training for insurance fraud, we delineate between various aspects to help you understand the perils of fraud. One such aspect is knowing the difference between the crime of insurance fraud with a dispute that you may have with your insurance company. Common examples of complaints are delays in customer payment, monetary disputes, policy cancellations and non-renewals. However, those examples are not insurance fraud. They are simply complaints your have with an insurance company. Learn more about what insurance scams look like and how to avoid them.

Insurance Fraud Training You Can Trust!

Investigative Resource Center has years of experience offering trusted insurance fraud training to clients in NY, NJ, PA and nationwide. It is important for both employers and employees to understand insurance fraud. And you’ll get that with our outstanding training program. For more information about our various training programs available and what they entail, please reach out to our office today. 

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