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Pitching in to Stop Domestic Violence

Posted On: November 16, 2015

At Investigative Resource Center, Inc., giving back to our community is an integral part of our business. We try to do our part, from pro bono investigative work for veterans to volunteering at local EMT squads and fire departments to working with juveniles trying to keep them out of the court systems. 

Recently, we were given the opportunity to make a difference and volunteer as a member of the domestic violence response team. After completing the mandated 40-hour training and additional field training, we are now available to respond as needed to assist the victim of DV. While we are glad to help, the training has opened our eyes to many issues of domestic violence that we were unaware of. While New Jersey is leading the way in reforms and protections for those who are victims of DV, much more work is needed. 

We ask all of our friends, clients and followers to reach out to their local DV support center and learn more about what you can do to stop the abuse. Together we can make a difference.

To learn more about domestic violence and what you can do to help, check out the Resource Center of Somerset, New Jersey.


Heightened Risk of Identity Theft

Posted On: September 09, 2015

Summer is officially over. Kids have gone back to school. Unfortunately this means new scams, revival of old ones and heightened risk of identity theft. 

Unpaid Tuition - Caller claims to be from the financial department of your kids college and states the loans or scholarship are not sufficient to cover this years fees and balance needs to be paid immediately or you kid is expelled. What's worse you can't call the school as they wont talk to you.  What to do?  Don't panic. Ligitimate schools will give you enough time to resolve. A quick text to your kids and they can call financial aid for verification. Never make an immediate payment. 

Kidnap Call - Caller claims to have kidnapped you child and is demanding immediate payment to let them go. As upsetting as it sounds this is Often a scam. Set up a 9-11 text to your kids that lets them know you need to speak with them ASAP. Their phones are on 24/7. 

Identity Theft - both you and your kids have been filling out multiple forms. Also there will be a push by local vendors to set up lines of credit for your kids. Unfortunately this means that a lot of information is freely flowing. Make sure you set up banking alerts every time there is any banking activity. Contact any of the credit reporting agencies and purchase their credit protection services. The alerts can thwart ID thieves before they can ruin your credit. 

Simple advise. Never react. Take a deep breath and think. Never give information to someone who calls you. Always get call back numbers and verify the contact is who they say they are. 


Official Announcement

Posted On: August 14, 2015

Mr. Stanley Kanterman to speak at the 2015 Claims College –School of Insurance Fraud

Mr. Stanley Kanterman, Vice President, Carrier Specialty Service, LLC and the President of Investigative Resource Center, Inc. will be speaking at the CLM 2015 Claims College School of Insurance Fraud.  The 2015 Claims College will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 9-12.

Each school is comprised of three levels and successful completion of all levels in a particular school will earn participants a respected and sought after designation, which will become the industry standard for identifying top-notch claims professionals. For individual schools, levels consist of pre-course reading materials, in-class instruction, group projects and an exam. The Claims College is not an industry seminar or conference, this is a true educational experience designed to help educate and grow the claims profession.

 Stanley Kanterman Bio:

I am currently the Vice President of Carrier Specialty Services, LLC handling all aspects of trucking, cargo and in-land marine cases for Lloyds of London. I am also the President of Investigative Resource Center, Inc. a Licensed Private Detective Agency specializing in SIU cases. I have held the position of Vice President, SIU Regional Director and SIU Manager for such companies as Robert Plan (JUA/MTF), Home Insurance Company, Zurich American Insurance Company and Risk Enterprise Management. I have also served as an adjunct professor at Raritan Valley Community College and have taught classes on such topics as Proper Use of Surveillance and Surveillance Techniques, The Art of a Recorded Statement, Proper Investigation Techniques and Identity Theft Prevention and Investigations. In addition to being an alum of City College of NY, I also have degrees from Anthem College in computer forensics and computer networks. Additionally I have a number of industry fraud certifications including the Fraud Claims Law Associate, Associate Certified Fraud Examiner, Master Independent Fraud Investigator and the Certified Identified Theft Risk Manager. My other qualifications include being a Superior Court Certified Mediator as well as serving on the Juvenile Conference Committee as a Volunteer Judiciary for the Superior Court. I had served on the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Better Business Bureau as well as the Board of Directors of the Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce, and several other organizations

About the CLM

The Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management and brings together the thought leaders in both industries. CLM’s Members and Fellows include risk and litigation managers, insurance and claims professionals, corporate counsel, outside counsel and third party vendors. The CLM sponsors educational programs, provides resources and fosters communication among all in the industry. To learn more about the CLM, please visit



Susan Wisbey-Smith, Communications Manager

Claims and Litigation Management Alliance



New Appointment for IRC President Kanterman

Posted On: August 03, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Stanley Kanterman has been named a Fellow of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance and has been appointed to the Committee on Insurance Fraud. 

Founded in 2007, CLM promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management by bringing together more than 25,000 risk and litigation managers and other insurance and claims professionals in a variety of fields. Its Claims College offers educational programs for claims professionals in construction, casualty, workers’ compensation and more.

Stan will be working alongside other Fellows to provide information and foster communication throughout the industy. In September, he will be publishing an article on Litigation Management and Surveillance for a CLM publication.


Operation Sweet Tooth

Posted On: June 27, 2015
Operation Sweet Tooth
On June 14, 2015 one of our insured’s new trailers along with a load of sugar was stolen in the Detroit Michigan area. The combined value of the trailer and cargo was over $75,000.  Several days later someone entered a local bakery and tried to sell them some of the stolen product for a ridiculously low price.  The young lady working there, who is the daughter of the owner, is a crime show fan. Instead of telling this person to go away, she told him her father was away on vacation and asked if he could come back in a few days.  Our suspect, using all of his intellect just said “That’s OK, here is my cell number. Call me when he gets back.”

 This quick thinking young lady contacted the manufacturer of the sugar and was advised of a recent theft. she was given my name and contact number as Investigative Resource Center, Inc. was assigned the investigation by the insurance company. Operation Sweet Tooth was born.

 With the assistance of Len Paquette of Bleu Wing Investigations we were able to put together a coalition of Local Law Enforcement and the Tri-County Auto Theft Task Force.  The sting was set.   

The suspect was contacted and he agreed to a buy on June 25, 2015.  Marked money was prepared, surveillance locations established and when the suspect arrived he was glad to carry in the 50 pound bags of sugar once he was paid with the marked money. Our agents were able to verify the lot numbers from the bags of sugar and they were a direct match to our stolen load. 

The suspect was arrested on scene and began his quest to cooperate with the task force. He gave up two additional suspects who were arrested and who also began to talk.  The location of our stolen unit and the balance of the cargo was obtained and it was determined there were multiple stolen tractors and trailers at the location.  As such, a search warrant was issued and in addition to our equipment, more than 8 additional semi-tractors and trailers were recovered. The estimated value of the recovered units and cargo may exceed $1,000,000. As the investigation continues we believe additional suspects will be charged with various other crimes.

We appreciate the assistance of the Hamtramck Police and the members of the Tri-County Auto Theft Task Force. 




Welcome to Our New Website

Posted On: June 01, 2015

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new website and blog of Investigative Resource Center, Inc. Since 1996, we’ve been providing private investigation services and fraud-detection training to insurance companies, corporations and the general public.
We invite you to get to know our services through our handsome new website. It provides an overview of our broad-ranging investigation services—from insurance fraud to vehicle accidents to arson to intellectual property theft to matrimonial cases and more. We actively service regions of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that surround our headquarters in Somerset, NJ, but we are regularly engaged in far-reaching investigations that extend coast-to-coast and around the globe.
Visit our new blog regularly for news and activities of Investigative Resource Center. Read about our participation in community projects and learn about programs or seminars to assist you or your business.
For more information on anything you see or read on our site—or to learn more about our services—use the convenient new form on our  “Contact” page or call (732) 805-3980. We also hope to see you on Facebook and Twitter.